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This section provides useful information on technical, creative and business communications as well as some useful tidbits for freelancers and entrepreneurs. If you are currently on the prowl for references or inspiration, feel free to use the resources in this page. 

For starters, this transformative video helped realign my thoughts on work, success, and happiness. Delivered by award-winning Harvard professor Shawn Achor, this short lecture aims to draw exceptional performance from people by tapping into their latent potential. Humorous, inspiring, practicable, and a perfect way to refocus your success strategies.

You might also glean some inspiring insights from Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, a Navy SEAL and the ninth commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command, during his commencement speech at the University of Texas. This warrior says, "If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed."

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