Joseph Mapue wears his writer's hat wherever he goes. Whether working as editor for various publishing houses, or as technical communicator for IT companies, Joseph's pen and keyboard are his weapons of choice.

As an independent consultant, Joseph enjoys sharing insights on technical, business, and creative communications. With a track record of more than 10 years as content creator and strategist, he feeds his passion by crafting world class business plans, functional specifications, whitepapers, website copies, academic papers, advertising & creative copies, press releases, speeches and other communication materials. A published author and a guest resource and contributor to niche blogs and portals, Joseph also has bankable experience in technical documentation and business development.

Joseph somehow obtained a bachelors degree in Physics while he minored in Computers and the Humanities. He also took graduate courses in Literature because he thought then that doing so would enrich his communication skills. It did. But it also messed up his brain: should he now look at a perfect apple as a scientific construct or see it as a work of art?  He eventually reached equilibrium by accepting that all good stuff--such as effective communication copies--can only be crafted using the precise tools of science and the highest standards of art.  

Joseph writes for fun and for pay and will likely continue doing so until the mountain winds claim his ashes.

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|| Resume |

Creative Director, 
Writer Shack (Jul 2011 to present)

Joseph formed Writer Shack as a consultancy outfit to serve various clients around the world through outsourcing portals such as oDesk and Elance.

Technical Publications Head/Business Development Officer,
Cynamon Inc (2008 to 2011)

Cynamon creates ingenious mobile computing innovations. As the lead technical communicator for Cynamon, Joseph conceptualized and prepared business, technical, and creative materials for various audiences.

Lead Technical Writer,
Global Mobile Technologies Pte Ltd (Dec 2006 to Nov 2008)

GMT is a technology development company that provides solutions for the mobile environment. As the firm’s lead writer, Joseph crafted and managed various documents including business proposals, presentations, technical diagrams and website copies. 


A leading player in the educational publishing industry, DIWA develops and publishes academic textbooks and scholastic enhancement materials. Joseph handled Bato Balani, the decades-old science magazine considered as DIWA’s flagship product.

Abiva Publishing develops academic textbooks for all year levels. As editor for Abiva, Joseph handled the company’s literature and language series for high school. 

Associate Editor,
LABIS PUBLISHING, INC. (2000 to 2001)
Joseph managed the production and quality aspects of several titles for Labis Publishing, a producer of educational magazines for the primary grades. 

Loans/Customer Service Staff; Credit Analyst,
Prior to its acquisition by BPI, Far East Bank was among the biggest universal banks in country. Joseph joined the company as a loans and credit staff, adding value by creating company profiles, processing loans and credit transactions, and developing business with customers from various industries. 

INNODATA CORP. (1993 to 1995)
Innodata Corp. serviced the global demand for cross-referenced data. To help the company meet its targets, Joseph wrote abstracts for articles published by leading periodicals such as The Smithsonian, The Atlantic Monthly, Nature, The Economist, and Discover.