Taking Advantage of Free Financial Software for Your Business

|| For Freelancers & Entrepreneurs |

There are tons of free tools on the Internet for different types of businesses. Emails, productivity software, document sharing applications, shared calendars, and other useful tools can be accessed and used for free. Note that many of the free online tools are watered down version of paid applications. Even then, some of the most useful and popular tools are adequate in their free configuration to meet the basic requirements of new small businesses.

Business is ultimately about numbers, especially the legal tender variety. As such, no online business can viably survive the competitive terrain without using the appropriate financial software. In the realm of free open source tools (as opposed to free trial versions), the most popular and promising financial software includes Freshbooks, Billing Manager, Outright, and Zoho Invoice.

Freshbooks is a comprehensive suite of accounting applications that include customer records, invoice generation and transmission, document sharing, reports creation, and a clever smart phone support. Billing Manager is great for tracking sales taxes and payments and was developed by top financial software developer Intuit. Meantime, Zoho Invoice is a very user-friendly platform for creating, sending, and managing invoices and price quotes.

In addition to these topnotch software, there are also other useful financial tools that are available for free. Free Accounting comes with banking, customer, and vendor management features in addition to the accounting staples of purchasing, invoicing, quotations, sales, accounts payables and accounts receivable. For businesses that operate an online store, one of the best free software that can transform the virtual store is osCommerce.