How to Make Your Brand Matter in Social Media

|| For Freelancers & Entrepreneurs |

There are very few companies that can ignore the power of social media. If you want your brand to succeed in today's extremely competitive landscape, then social media is one of the major arenas you need to excel in. The fact is, deploying brands in social media has become a necessity just to maintain a connection with an already captive audience. Without a meaningful presence in social media, many brands would lose the benefits of engaging hundreds of millions of existing and potential customers who regularly log on to their accounts on different social networks.

And that is not mere hearsay. Time and again, it has been conclusively demonstrated that properly executed social media campaigns have measurable effects on the bottom line. Moreover, compared with other promotional methods, leveraging social media is also more attractive in terms of ROI.

To effectively deploy your brand over social media, you need to assess just which channels your brand is appropriate for. There are at least three main channels you should actively participate in at all cost: Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere. Not only is Facebook, the second home for hundreds of millions of people who go online everyday, it also has robust mechanisms for brand building. Ignoring this space is virtually suicide specially for new companies. Meantime, Twitter is one of the best ways of leveraging the widespread use of mobile phones. Use Twitter as a platform for steering your audience towards deeper involvement with your brand. Lastly, having a blog is the most affordable way of keeping your brand current and fresh. Align your blog with the dynamics of online search and integrate it with your profiles on social media. This way, you help establish a viable, organic, and profitable online presence for your brand.