Giving Your Online Store an Attractive Makeover

|| For Freelancers & Entrepreneurs |

Making your online store attractive is critical to your business' success. Remember that all things being equal, the thing that is prettiest to look at and easiest to use will certainly win in the end. That is Steve Jobs' legacy as reflected in the various Apple products that garnered not only commercial success but also critical acclaim for their user-friendly interfaces and elegant aesthetics. 

The hard fact is, unless your online store is attractive and easy to navigate, visitors won't linger, much less make online purchases or sign subscriptions. Even if you have shelled out quite an investment for search engine optimization and your store ranks pretty high on search results, people tend to stay on pages that have an attractive visual appeal even when those pages ranked lower than yours. It will be such a waste if you have managed to draw in site in site visitors only to have them leave shortly after they see what your site offers. On the other hand, making a good impression on visitors early on tends to convert many of them to become paying customers.

Remember to hire the best online store design team your budget allows. Establish easy navigation as the top priority in your store design. Your online store should also be designed in a way that significantly reduces waiting time before pages are completely downloaded. Implementing the fastest page downloads possible without compromising aesthetics is the sweetest spot. Optimize your graphics and multimedia to allow for faster downloads. Avoid implementing too many pop-ups since these can be quite annoying.

Use the best color scheme on your store that clearly reflects your branding. This will make things consistent and will help customers remember your products better.