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Samsung’s Mad Dash to the Digital Future Might Already Be Paying Off

You either pay lip service to innovation or pay the bills that make it happen. Now there's a foolproof way to show whether a company is dead serious about innovation, the decades-old buzzword everyone in the business world claims and alludes to all the time. 

Business English Dominated by Filipinos

This century is becoming more Asian by the minute. While Western nations reel from economic recessions at the home front, global business is kept humming by thriving Asian economies led by India and China. Making matters more interesting, the lingua franca that helps articulate cross-border innovation and drive global business is now being dominated by the Philippines, according to an eye-opening report by GlobalEnglish Corporation.

The Case for Sustainable Travel

Finding your place in the world can take a lifetime of traveling. That's why Eksalife brings together all the beguiling places and the fascinating people in one nifty portal where you can find less beaten paths that promise authentic experiences and surprising encounters along the way.

The Business Conceptualization Process

Great ideas, technologies, and inventions that transform lives will not be possible without human creativity and imagination.

The same goes true for business. The conceptualization processes that help make new technological marvels work are the same processes that allow innovative ideas to become global businesses. After all, just about anything of worth starts as an idea.

Survival Kit for Freelance Writers

Only a few people who decide to embark on a writing career really know what they are getting into. Most are clueless about what being a writer entails and some come to resent the decision because their expectations are hardly aligned with the realities of the game. Some people think that they are already writer material just because they can express themselves through the written word.

Beguiled by Blooms

Evolution is a heartless process. Over time, some species become extinct, others flourish. For the most part, adaptation dictates which species thrive and which die off. In response to environmental stimuli, creatures adapt in different ways. Some creatures become bigger and stronger. Others develop unique defense mechanisms such as mimicry, venom and thorns.

Flowers adapt by being beautiful.

Spellbinding Travel Destinations

Bohol is known for glistening white sand beach resorts, extensive coral reefs, world class diving spots, the Chocolate Hills (near symmetrical mounds of limestone formations that look like Hershey's Kisses), and the iconic tarsier (the oldest species of extant primate in the world).

How to Make Better Business Decisions

Managing a business, project, or a team often involves making decisions. From selecting the best staff to work on a project to planning the best approach in engaging a potential investor, decisions are often one-shot deals that cannot be reversed once you get the ball rolling. Some decisions are easier to make than others. Some are quite complex and involves finding alternatives and weighing all variables--including those that are yet to be discovered.

Top Performance Parts for Your Dream Ride

How Light Should Look 

If you’re planning to upgrade your stock headlamps, you might want to consider replacing them with advanced projector headlamps that really function like a dream and look exactly like the keen eyes of a modern apex predator.

At less than the width of your outstretched palm, pied flycatchers travel vast distances, traversing several thousand kilometers in a single migration cycle. These birds spend the winter in western Africa and breed in Europe and parts of Asia. They prey on insects while in flight and enjoy munching on caterpillars and berries. They prefer oaks over other trees, and as they perch on favored branches, their songs herald the richness of spring.

But global warming carries a different tune.

The Benefits of Using Wireframes

Wire-frames function as a bridge between raw creative thoughts and the final product. Think of wire-frames as architectural blueprints for a building and you'll understand why it is a critical tool in just about any development project. The fact is, constructing a decent, structurally sound building without using blueprints is inconceivable, and no sane real estate developer will partner with a construction outfit that does not use blueprints.

Remapping Thomas Barnett's Discourse

Thomas Barnett's conception of the contemporary world as an ecosystem of states that belong to either one of two groups - the Core and the Gap - and his proposed military solutions in the context of this ecosystem are insightful and may partially constitute a working model for strategic planning but are unfortunately flawed in some fundamental aspects.

Let's review some of the professor's assertions in the lecture.

How B2B Organizations Should Define Target Audiences

Marketing is a rigorous knowledge area that is discussed in undergraduate classes and practiced as a critical skill in the real world. Tens of thousands of hours are allocated in studying, designing, and executing marketing methods while billions of dollars have already been spent by organizations to conduct marketing campaigns that attempt to make the brands they carry very attractive to their target audience. Even then, there are still marketing professionals who fail to grasp the fundamental tenets of the practice and end up piloting campaigns that fail at delivering their intended outcomes. This is largely because these practitioners unwittingly skip some steps that are critical to the marketing process. In particular, these marketers fail at defining their target audience properly.

English and the Asian Millennium

English language learning around the world is evolving in surprising and sometimes alarming ways. A few decades ago, the language learning process was either moderated by native speakers (NS) of English or proactively initiated by second language learners who travel to English-speaking countries to study and become proficient in the language. In many language encounters, English translators were also in high demand to facilitate a clearer communication between peoples of diverse linguistic traditions. This is not to say that formal English language teachers and translators have become relics belonging to a bygone era. On the contrary, their function is still very much relevant, but their roles are changing dramatically.

Astronauts’ Lives May Depend on Hitchhikers

Logically, a manned trip to Mars would be undertaken by tough, fast-thinking, and carefully picked astronauts. But if NASA researchers would have their way, “butlers” and “maids” will accompany the crew—and they’ll come, not by the dozen, but in legions.

Sunny News About Cloud Computing

A lot of people don't realize it but they are already using the next technology milestone that analysts predict, will revolutionize the world of computing over the next few years.

This technology is called cloud computing. Capped by the launch of iCloud, a dream project of Apple visionary Steve Jobs, cloud computing in its broad sense has been around for decades. Deployed as email services, online image repositories and web-based document storage, cloud computing refers to an information architecture wherein data and software applications are stored, managed, and used in cyberspace as opposed to a personal computing device.