Optimizing the Rewards System to Generate More Conversions

|| For Freelancers & Entrepreneurs |

At the end of the day, the success of a brand is ultimately measured by the quality and quantity of its loyal customers. Customers stick to a particular product or service because it efficiently solves a problem, meets a need, or satisfies a fancy. Customers fiercely adopt a particular brand because--all costs considered--doing so is a rewarding experience.

The reward system is a tried and tested method of inducing people to behave in certain ways. It's been tried in animal training and corporate leadership and has been found to work pretty well. The world of e-commerce is not much different. People getting deservedly rewarded get a healthy dose of the pleasure-inducing hormone called dopamine that will likely steer them towards the desired consumer behavior.

If you maintain an online store, there are many ways to reward regular visitors. As regular visitors are the group of people who can easily be converted to paying customers, making them aware that you value their visits, participation, or extra effort in knowing or endorsing your product is extremely important. There are creative and engaging ways to do so. Some require the use of special software such as reward-related plug-ins for e-commerce platforms. Others could be as simple as tweaking your email list. Whichever way, make your customers know that you value their positive involvement, whatever that may be. Give rewards (coupons, discounts, freebies, tickets, etc.) to visitors who register, subscribe to a service or feature, participate in surveys or polls, and those who engage different games and other campaigns. Customers who feel that they are being valued tend to become more open towards purchasing your product or subscribing to a paid service.