Choosing a Right Business Name

|| For Freelancers & Entrepreneurs |

Business names can make or break a fledgling company. This is why choosing the perfect business name for your start up is very important. While truly an enjoyable and exciting process, choosing your business name should result to a final output that conveys the core values of your business in a way that favorably engages your target market. Remember that for new companies, it is the business name from which potential customers first assess whether a company has what it takes to meet their product or service requirements. Hence, choosing one that has a positive connotation and generates the right impression is critical.

Establishing a business name that is aligned with your business strategy can be rewarding in the long term.  After all, your business name will form the basis of your brand/s and all the product lines you will be developing in the future.  A good business name is one that is both memorable and unique to your target market. Adopting only one trait will erode your brand, one way or another.

A good business name should also have some aspect that will allow your potential customers to make easy visualizations. Think of Apple, Facebook and Puma. If creating easy visualizations is challenging for the business name you are considering, remember to employ the best artists to conceptualize your logo. Think of Google, Adidas, and Lacoste. While it is good to dream that your business will eventually attain the global status of these mega-brands, it is a safe bet to use descriptive names that tell a lot about what your business is. For example, naming your taxi company "Griffin Ride" may not mean much at first to most people. Naming it Max's Taxis is better.