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How Light Should Look

If you’re planning to upgrade your stock headlamps, you might want to consider replacing them with advanced projector headlamps that really function like a dream and look exactly like the keen eyes of a modern apex predator.

Headlamps are critical car components, enabling drivers to safely maneuver vehicles in low visibility conditions such as nighttime, high fog density, and torrential rain. A good, dependable headlamp should be able to produce adequate illumination in order for drivers to see the road conditions clearly. Over the years, technologies that aim to provide this main headlamp functionality have evolved such that the advanced automotive lighting of today is a far cry from its roots back in 1912, when the first electric light was installed on a Cadillac. The different automotive lighting technologies of today are used in the production of advanced HID headlamps, LED lamps, dual halo headlamps, and projector headlamps.

Also called polyellipsoidal lamps, the first projector headlamps were introduced on an Audi Quartz, a variant of Audi’s venerable Quattro brand that was conceptualized for a 1981 automobile expo in Geneva. Five years later, projector headlamps were volume-produced and became an innovative fixture for the 1986 BMW 7 series.

In a nutshell, projector headlamps differ from traditional headlamps by the way they radiate light beams. Conventional headlights are generally constructed with refractor lenses that are patterned in such a way as to distribute light where the driver needs it most, and reduce it where it can become distracting to oncoming traffic. On the other hand, projector headlamps do not use refractors at all but perform the same functions better and more efficiently. Commonly, projector headlamps are composed of a light bulb, an elliptical reflector positioned at the back, an outer lens, and a solenoid. The innovative design specifically upscales how light beams are radiated.

Today, just about any high performance car would be incomplete without projector headlamps.  If you want to line up your car among the best and safest road performers, check out Car Part Paradise’ range of affordable projector headlamps from top-notch manufacturers such as Anzo, Spec D Tuning, and APC. 


Taking a Breather with High Performance Air Intakes 

One affordable way to begin transforming your car into a really mean high-performance machine is to scout for and install efficient cold air intakes. The right cold air intake kit for your car can upscale its engine efficiency and even improve your fuel mileage. With the constantly fluctuating gas prices, the option to use high performance air intakes is becoming more practical and compelling.

Most stock air intakes have thermostats integrated in the system, which regulate the air flowing into the engine. For example, when the engine is relatively cool, only warm air is allowed to flow through in order to maintain the proper engine temperature. A high performance cold air intake, on the other hand, allows only cool air to pass through its filter. Cool air contains more oxygen per unit volume, allowing fuel to be burned at a better rate. A good cold air intake kit will enable a car engine to burn more fuel with less wastage, thereby producing more engine power. High performance cold air intakes also have smoother tube interiors and looser filters that that significantly reduce air resistance.

There are several cold air intake brands available at Car Part Paradise, including three of the most popular: K&N, Spec D, and Weapon-R.  There’s an air intake kit specifically designed for your car make and model. If you want to squeeze mileage from every drop of fuel, then replacing your stock air intake with a suitable model from these brands will ensure that engine temperature as well as fuel consumption is efficiently regulated.

One of our most in-demand high performance air intake kits is the Secret Weapon Intake System developed by Weapon-R. Made of top grade aluminum alloy, the Secret Weapon Intake kit substantially improves system stability and allows air inflows that are as much as three times the volume allowed by conventional intake systems. The kit’s filter system also enhances airflow volume without allowing unwanted debris and pollutants to pass through. If you are a style nut, you’ll also find the sleek, catchy exterior look of the Secret Weapon Intake kit a perfect fit to your taste.


Using Down to Earth Gear to Enjoy a Heavenly Ride

Lowering springs help you conquer the road. They stabilize your car by lowering its center of gravity, thereby eliminating body rolls. Many brands commonly lower the center of gravity from 1 to 2 inches, which significantly enhances highway performance. Remarkably, these brands do so while conforming to the highest standards of safety and ride quality. When you’re off the steering wheel, you’ll find that lowering springs also provide the visually commanding benefit of transforming your car into a sportier, sleeker version of the stock model.

At Car Part Paradise, you get to choose from a wide range of affordable lowering springs designed by top-notch manufacturers such as H&R and TEIN.

TEIN has been around for close to three decades of providing affordable, durable, and high-performing lowering springs and coilovers. Integrating Japanese efficiency in all its meticulously engineered products, TEIN has grown into a global brand, with facilities here in the US as well as in China and the United Kingdom. When you acquire and install a set of TEIN lowering springs, you are securing your chassis on top of one of the most dependable suspension systems in the world. Unlike other brands, TEIN’s core design and manufacturing focus are solely on suspension components. In addition to offering brand-specific lowering springs, they even have variants that are purposely designed based on other factors such as road conditions and different consumer requirements. You may want to check out some TEIN models such as the G-Tech, S-Tech, and H-Tech lowering springs at our online catalog. By the way, in case you’re wondering whether TEIN is a Japanese word, it’s not. It’s actually an English contraction of the two key guiding values that have steered the company over the years: TEchnology and INnovation.


The Practical Side of Steering Wheel Covers

For many people, owning a car is something for the long haul. When you first bought your car, you’re amazed at the flawless exterior. Inside, the impeccable smell of newness more than compensates for the dent the purchase made on your wallet. Over time, however, minor scratches and normal wear eventually erodes your car’s showroom look and you’re compelled to buy and use accessories or replacement parts that help arrest further deterioration. 

One of the most used—well, at least handled—parts of your car is the steering wheel. Consequently, it is also among the parts that experience highly visible wear over time. So what do you do if your steering wheel is looking more like old, cracked snakeskin that is peeling off?

Well, you can throw away your worries to the nearest dump and take a delighted look at our discounted Wheelskins offerings. Wheelskins has been around since the 70s and is currently the top player when it comes to genuine leather accessories for the automotive sector. In fact, Wheelskins steering wheel covers are staple items especially in the upscale accessories niche that cater to consumers that demand only the best for their cars. 

There’s simply a lot of benefits when you choose to upgrade your interior using a Wheelskin steering wheel cover. First, you can install it easily over the old leather or plastic film of your steering wheel. It also comes in quite a number of colors and styling that will suit just about any vehicle or driver requirement. Basically, there are three main designs to choose from: Original (one tone), EuroTone (two-toned), and EuroPerf (one color, perforated). There are 15 colors available, each designed to reflect the driver’s personal style preference. In addition to standard colors, Wheelskins steering wheel covers also come in burgundy, oak, charcoal, and sand. Lastly, the respected brand earned consistent consumer satisfaction and loyalty because it offers only the most finely crafted leatherwork.

If those don’t count because you’re just a practical driver, then consider these functional benefits: Wheelskins steering wheel covers 1) prolong the life of your steering wheel; 2) protect steering wheels from the sun’s rays that cause cracking and fading; and 3) improves your grip on the wheel for a safer ride.


H&R Wheel Spacers and Adapters

Nothing upscales a car as much as a new set of wheels. Wheels define a car’s personality and a carefully chosen wheel design can, by itself, visually transform a boring run-of-the-mill machine into a certified road thoroughbred.
But what if you’re a bit cash-challenged at the moment and you’re really itching to crush any memory of the stock wheel that comes with your second hand auto? The elusive answer is right at the center of Auto Part Paradise: we offer affordable wheel spacers and adapters from the German engineering giant H&R. 

Wheel spacers are thin metal discs that can be fitted between the vehicle and the wheel. Spacers make your car look more stable, sporty, and aggressive by slightly extending the wheels outward. Consequently, they also make your wheels look wider and more powerful than they actually are. In terms of performance, wheel spacers actually improve handling by making your car navigate corners better due to the more stable stance.

Most manufacturers of wheel fittings provide excessive spaces between the fenders, wheels, and tires, which has the overall effect of making cars look top-heavy. Wheel spacers solve this issue by “visually” correcting the stance of vehicles.  In addition, if you really intend to transform your stock auto into a high performance wonder, you’ll really be needing wheel spacers because they provide clearance for other upgrades or enhancements such as high performance coilovers, springs, and brake caliphers.

H&R is probably our best in-store brand for wheel spacers. Decades of leading edge design goes to H&R wheel spacers, such that the brand has reportedly become a favorite among aficionados of BMW and other car makes. H&R wheel spacers are made of a special steel alloy that is as strong as but significantly lighter (by about almost 70%) than conventional automotive steel. They are also resistant to scratching, oxidation, and chipping.

H&R also manufactures wheel adapters that allow adventurous enthusiasts to install a wheel on a fitting with different specs (different number bolts and spacing’s, etc.). This enables the use of Chevrolet wheels on a Honda, for example. Check out our catalog for more details.

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