Eksalife: The Case for Sustainable Travel

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Finding your place in the world can take a lifetime of traveling. That's why Eksalife brings together all the beguiling places and fascinating people in one nifty portal where you can find less beaten paths that promise authentic experiences and surprising encounters along the way.

Whether to admire the architecture of limestone cliffs, feel the collective heart of a mountain village, or speak the ocean dialect of colorful reef dwellers, Eksalife has set up the trails that will bring you to that rare state where your entire being is able to listen to the unique narratives of a place. 

But more than our network of astonishing destinations, we also partner with people and organizations who care enough to preserve and promote the world's profoundly beautiful places. Eksalife is about sustainable travel. It is about travelers being responsible for what they bring into a place and what they leave behind. We are more about meaning than miles, accomplishments than accommodations. 

To reflect our vision, we only promote travels that are sustainable, unconventional, responsible, and eco-friendly. We've set up S.U.R.E. Trails to let adventurers, thrill seekers, tree huggers, soul searchers and travelers of all stripes easily know that a tour package conforms to the highest standards of sustainable and responsible travel. We do this because the peril of losing many of the irreplaceable cultural and natural wonders of the planet becomes alarmingly higher by the minute, with 1.5 billion people expected to travel each year by 2020. We also do this because besides sharing ideas over the Web, we believe that travel is the best human activity that helps us understand each other, even other species that are far removed from our own genetic makeup but who strongly share our persistence to survive.

Currently, our packages include authentic journeys that engage rural and village folk, the creatures and abiotic components that make up a local ecology, native cultures, culinary milestones and religious places. Adventure tours that conquer just about any terrain as well as volunteer tourism that combine travel and advocacies in action are becoming popular among today's niche travelers and are excitedly offered on Eksalife.

We started out by giving the reasons why we need to exist. We think it's about time to say just who we are:

Eksalife is the portal for sustainable and unconventional travel. 

It is also a virtual place where people can make a real difference. 

But for you fellow traveler, it is where your search ends 
and your real journeys begin.

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What we offer 

Eksalife promotes tours that are Sustainable, Unconventional, Responsible and Eco-friendly. The S.U.R.E. Trails seal of distinction is our assurance that a journey adopts only sustainable methods and materials from the starting point to each and every stopover, until the last leg of the trek signals the finale to an extraordinary adventure.

Our trips are authentic experiences with fascinating places and people. Journeys are not just movements from one place to the next but are made up of genuine connections with the enthralling aspects of nature and cultures.

What makes us different
  1. NETWORK. Eksalife strongly believes that collaboration and partnerships are the best ways to create responsible travel solutions. This is why we have built a vibrant network of advocacy groups, non-traditional travel consultants, local tour operators, native communities, accommodation providers and volunteers that--together--provide exceptional value to travelers.
  2. AFFORDABLE PACKAGES. Because we engage the industry from the grassroots up, our travel rates are among the most affordable anywhere in the world. Travel is transformative and we strongly believe that everyone should be able to make the journeys that will help them change themselves and the world for the better.
  3. RICH VARIETY. Because our network is made up of highly committed individuals and organizations that service different travel sectors, our non-traditional tours are broad-ranged, allowing each type of traveler to find packages that perfectly match personalities and preferences, lifetime passions or momentary whims. Adventurers, tree huggers, culturati, thrill seekers, extreme sports enthusiasts, do-gooders and soul searchers will find the perfect journey that that matches their passion. The variety of packages available at the portal includes ecotourism, village/rural/agri-tourism, cultural and heritage tours, culinary explorations, spiritual pilgrimages, knowledge tourism, nature sports adventures, and volunteer/missions tourism.  
  4. CHANNEL FOR GOOD VIBES. Consider the portal as an easy way to channel your good vibes. By booking your travels through Eksalife, you help reinforce joint partnerships with advocacies such as the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity and The ASEAN Heritage Parks Project. As Eksalife also plays a positive role in community building, cultural preservation, nature conservation, and peace initiatives, traveling with us ensures that the trails you follow are those that lead to a much better world.
  5. EASY AS PIE. Nature seems complicated but scientists exclaim at the profound simplicity of the laws that govern its beauty. We like to pattern our portal after Nature itself: incredibly captivating but surprisingly easy to understand. We made our interfaces so intuitive and easy a child can book a whale-watching tour before anyone can say "flippers." Try the portal and see how it differs from the rest.
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Visiting the Eksalife website or their Facebook page is the first step that takes you on the trail of the world's most astonishing journeys.