STS redefines auto and mobile

|| Information Technology |

Service Tracking Systems (STS) adds another feather in its cap. Consistent with its role as the top innovator in frontline service technologies, STS is integrating a robust mobile component in its Computerized Valet Parking System (CVPS).

Mobile phones will now bridge customers and the establishment’s valet parking service in a way that fundamentally upscales customer experience and improves valet crew efficiency. Using a mobile application, customers and valets easily communicate the arrival, parking, and retrieval of automobiles.

In addition, the mobile app enables point of sale transactions, valet dispatch functions and security features. User mode can even be set to manual, visual or voice. Parking space information on any parking level is on the mobile screen, while vehicle requests are instantly relayed by a custom alert.  All with just a few keystrokes, camera shots, scans, or card swipes. As expected, customers enjoy unprecedented convenience and valet crews perform at peak productivity.

Creating new and exciting ways to perform ordinary tasks is a core value at STS, and this one is set to redefine the industry.

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