CYNAMON joins MDA’s IDM programme

|| Corporate Communications: Press Release |

24 June, 2009--Singapore City--CYNAMON Pte. Ltd.,  is coming on board the visionary core group tasked to bring more vibrancy and connectedness to Singapore’s already formidable digital landscape.

After several weeks of due diligence exploring CYNAMON’s patent pending technology, the Media Development Authority (MDA)  invited the mobile communications innovator to join the government’s Interactive Digital Media R&D programme. This programme brings together young, agile, and technologically creative companies to foster innovation and firmly establish Singapore as a global hub for engaging digital media.

CYNAMON’s ingenious way of bridging all players in the mobile ecosystem has been its ticket from the outset. Using its end-to-end mobile platform, publishers, advertisers, mobile phone users, enterprise application users, and mobile network operators can generate or capitalize on the traffic of rich digital media. Over standard Internet connections (GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, 3G, WiFi), this platform delivers virtually any content—rich text, image, audio, video, and interactive forms—to around 60% to 80% of the mobile Phones in the market. Unlike conventional mobile Internet engagements, however, CYNAMON’s platform relegates browsing somewhere in the background and instead delivers relevant, instantaneous and rich user experiences.

To make this possible, CYNAMON follows the KISS (keep it stunningly simple) principle. Well, at least the company keeps the technical complexities where no one but esoteric programmers and technologists can see them.  What the platform does is to simulate the basic communication paradigm:  the phone rings and the recipient mobile user is compelled to pick up the phone and respond to the message. Tricky navigation issues—which partly account for the inertia preventing the full potential of mobile Internet usage from being realized—are altogether addressed because the mobile user just needs a guided click or two to participate in a wide range of mobile interactions. Based on industry reports that estimate a fairly large number of mobile users who regularly encounter difficulties just trying to find the mobile browser or a particular application on their phones, this usability model clearly correspond to a space jump.

Meantime, CYNAMON content could be just about anything. This reflects the company’s vision of delivering virtually any content to virtually any handset, and may well represent a spare ticket for engaging the advertising and content publishing sectors.  Cynamon content are served with technical and creative freedom not possible with existing systems such as SMS, MMS, and WAP.  First, CYNAMON content push free from the limitations of existing protocols (160-character limit for SMS, 300 KB restrictions for MMS, interactivity and layout challenges of WAP), making possible the delivery of richer and more interactive multimedia messages. In addition, each content package is automatically reconfigured in the backend to suit the specifications of each subscribing mobile phone. 

CYNAMON has been wooing MDA since early 2009 by leveraging its clever solution to pressing industry challenges, including the lack of appropriate technologies for fully servicing the demand of publishers and advertisers for more meaningful involvement in the mobile space. Upon formally joining the Interactive Digital Media R&D programme, CYNAMON pledges a free 3-month trial for MDA partners and its peer companies comprising the research & development core. On the other hand, the company gets to co-develop APIs for specific applications and capitalize on partner content and user base via mutually beneficial revenue share models.