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Today's business landscape is an unforgiving terrain. If your people are not getting the training they deserve, then your company can easily lose the competitive edge you have established over the years. Organizations are run by people, and the sharper your people, the higher level of success your company can achieve.

Conducting training programs for managers and staff incurs substantial cost, however. This is especially true when the training methods you deploy are those that were used--essentially unchanged--a decade or so ago.  To complicate matters, economic recessions--like the one we currently experience--compel companies to postpone training initiatives in favor of other expenditures that have a direct impact on the core business.        

The good news is that e-Learning--the single most promising alternative to traditional modes of training--has been evolving radically over the last few years. Following the strides in digital technology--such as the development of more stable infrastructures that can now support rich media over cloud networks--e-Learning can easily replace and surpass traditional methods of learning. At a fraction of the cost.

This is the time to enhance the value your organization can generate for your customers. Empower your people through the next generation e-Learning platforms and get them to lead your industry's future.   

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Many organizations collaborate with Millennium Communications (MCOM) to dramatically improve staff output while limiting expenditures associated with traditional training programs.

Company A for example, asked us to develop an effective solution that lowers training costs and addresses other latent issues such as language translation and ineffective skill monitoring. We were requested to assess their people's overall productivity level and to identify which areas need immediate training to keep the company competitive as a mid-sized producer of sub assemblies in a B2B environment.  


Company A operates manufacturing facilities in several countries and employs more than 2000 workers. As part of its commitment to productivity and safety, Company A adopts a comprehensive training program where three corporate trainers are hired by the company to conduct programs to all manufacturing units 2 to 3 times a year. The hired trainers deliver seminars on the following areas:
  1. Orientation for newly hired employees
  2. Review and certification / re-certification in workplace safety procedures
  3. Productivity training
  4. Time management and organizational skills training
  5. Emotional Intelligence for managers training and other such courses


After years of adopting conventional approaches to staff training, Company A decided that the value generated by these approaches are not at par with their expectations. After further evaluation, they concluded that:
  1. They were incurring professional costs--primarily for maintaining 3 full time trainers--that are unnecessarily high.
  2. Because trainers need to travel in different countries around the world several times in a year, considerable travel expenses are incurred as well.
  3. Language issues pose a real challenge when training different nationalities.
  4. Continuous monitoring of employee learning becomes quite difficult as soon as trainers leave the site.
  5. Prolonged classroom-based learning significantly erodes employee productivity.
  6. There simply is no way to leverage new technologies such as distance learning under the current training approaches.    

The MCOM Solution

After reviewing the company's training policies and tools, we recommended a comprehensive upgrade to an e-learning platform that provides a robust support for rich media such as videos, assessment quizzes, interactive exercises, and game-based simulations.
To deliver a custom solution that squarely addresses the training needs of Company A, Millenium Communications performed the following:

  1. Work closely with subject matter experts and trainers to understand the needs and challenges of workers in each specific manufacturing site, and realign the training materials accordingly
  2. Reformat all existing Power-Point based content for the e-learning platform
  3. Reap the benefits of cloud computing by deploying a SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) that has a robust support for assessment tracking and certification
  4. Localization of e-Learning content with language subtitles for videos
After the comprehensive upgrade, staff training in Company A can now be delivered from a single location to a global audience. Because of the flexibility of the e-Learning solution, individual learners can also unilaterally take courses at their own pace without compromising their onsite productivity. Their progress can also be easily tracked from an assessment standpoint. Once a learner completes an assessment, a certification is automatically issued by the LMS. 
A survey conducted indicated that the overall learner satisfaction is at more than 70%, reflecting the training efficiency as well as the depth of learner involvement generated by the solution.
In addition to the remarkable efficiency of the new approach, training costs reportedly dropped by as  much as 45%. 

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Deploying Millenium Consulting's next generation e-Learning solutions is the one decisive step that will steer your people towards new creative heights and untapped productivity. At just a fraction of the cost of conventional training programs, our wide array of e-Learning platforms will help your company consistently achieve your growth targets.

  • Lower costs and higher ROI compared to traditional educational and training programs where learners are required to physically attend classes
  • Broad range of available courses including Business Analysis, Software Quality Assurance and SQL Server Training
  • Unique, engaging, and meaningful learner experiences that provide for a faster and more affordable way of learning new skills or developing existing proficiencies
  • Turnkey solutions such as a) the Mindlabs Learning Platform, a unique training platform that reinforces learning through fun and engaging simulation and practice; and b) SCORM, an e-learning service that leverages the power of cloud computing
  • Provision for custom courseware development in case your e-learning or training needs are unique to your organization
  • Accreditation by relevant agencies such as the IIBA with courses for learners to help them secure professional certifications or licenses
  • Applicability as a tool for grooming future corporate leaders
  • Course availability 24/7 
  • Direct Involvement of respected subject matter experts as online mentors or course developers 
  • Full multimedia support to render the experience more compelling

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Millennium Consulting creates turnkey and customized e-learning solutions for corporate clients, educational institutions, and individuals whose high standards of excellence require continuous, effective learning.

Our solutions provide uniquely engaging learner experiences. Designed by leading subject matter experts as well as topnotch educators, our extensive e-learning courses are intuitive, highly compelling and consistent in delivering our promise:  establish proficiency, enhance creativity, and improve the productivity of all learners who take our courses--whether they are managers, professionals, or kids.

With more than a decade of thought leadership, Millennium Consulting melds the latest trends in cognitive science with the powerful, multimedia support of digital technology. We are a team of highly motivated professionals whose mandate is to develop fresh, fun and ingenious ways of helping people learn different subjects and skills--ranging from highly technical subjects such as Software Programming to soft skills such as customer servicing. Some of our courses help people become pros. Others make them exceptional.   


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