Cynamon Logo Story

|| Corporate Communications |

Mobility is in the heart of CYNAMON. Our logo says so. 

At its center is a blue mobile screen with orange softkeys. At its background are dots—some large, some tiny—moving in dance-like rhythm.

But we do more than just tango. The subtly changing dot sizes represent the precision by which our mobile solutions configure web-based content to perfectly suit the rendering power of each mobile device.

And we deliver any content from any source. The eight dot trails—seven in solid, dependable blue and one in vibrant orange—say that. They’re in two different colors to show that the game is not a one-way deal. Bringing rich content to mobile consumers is just the beginning. We also provide the infrastructure to allow mobile users to respond to the content that excites them, and share the excitement with other mobile users.

Finally, the dot trails radiate in all directions and the logo assumes a circular outline. That’s to say we’re making the excitement global.