Cynamon Brand Story

|| Corporate Communications |

At Cynamon, we like things clear and simple.

So in drawing up end-to-end solutions for mobile communication, we think first about how to make the fundamentals ingeniously simple so that integration is easy, interfaces seamless, and outputs precise.

Our pilot brand, CYNAMON, is a product of this vision. CYNAMON engages all players in the mobile communication process and has custom fit solutions for their needs. Because our backend systems transcode, convert, and configure content for each mobile device model, content publishers are able to push any content type—rich text, images, animation, audio, video, and interactive webforms—on any device in the mobile landscape. Meanwhile, CYNAMON’s ad engine and provision for multiple landing pages allow advertisers to generate more premium for their ad material.

For mobile network operators, CYNAMON’s data downsizing ensure minimum bandwidth load while generating higher data revenue levels.

When fundamentals are solid, what’s built upon them can be played with. And so in naming CYNAMON, we played with the letters that make up the phrase,

any Content on any mobile

That pretty much sums up what we envision. So at the front end, we took the license to further play with the simple elegance and usability of CYNAMON’s mobile applications. This translates to effortless navigation but compelling mobile user experience. Because mobile device users get to subscribe only to content that excites them, both publisher and advertiser material are engaged in more deeply.

How many words does it take to express a vision?

Just one. Cynamon.